I started my construction business in 1999 as a small contracting company. My initial projects consisted of minor renovations and various home improvements; but before long, the projects quickly became larger and more elaborate. I realized that in order to grow the company on a larger scale, I would need to surround myself with high-quality reliable tradesmen in all aspects of residential construction. It was not easy at first, but after years of positive and negative experiences with local contractors, I learned what type of team I needed to be successful. I knew how important it was to provide my clients with a professional experience, a trustworthy and skilled crew and a fair price. After years of weeding through some of the stereotypical tradesmen that we all hear too much about, I have finally established a crew that is hardworking, dedicated and loyal to both my company and my clients. All one needs to do is visit our Radzwillas Builders site at Houzz.com and read the reviews about my crew and our results to see how much our specialists care about our clients. I discovered that the materials and ideas that my clients were getting from some of the local big box stores and other sources were at times subpar and poorly designed. I wanted to provide my clients with the quality designs, materials and expertise that would only be possible by establishing my own showroom and design center. In 2013, I started Radzwillas Kitchen and Bath Design and opened my first showroom in Fairfield, CT. I was finally able to design, sell and create the dream spaces that my clients deserved. Shortly thereafter, I expanded to provide custom cabinetry and now have a state-of-the-art cabinet shop located in Scinto Towers in Shelton. As the business continues to grow and expand, I have chosen to return to my roots in the Trumbull area where it had all started. This has enabled me to provide the local community with a quality service that has long been needed in Trumbull. Our new location is at 5893 Main Street, Trumbull and I look forward to providing quality cabinetry, countertops and hardware to the homeowners of Trumbull for many years to come.

Specializing in both design and construction of kitchens, bathrooms and all aspects of home improvement projects

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